We know that an insurance claim can be a headache, Oh My Roof can help you throughout the hailstorm restoration process! Owners insurance companies have covered most of the roofs we have built- both residential and commercial. We are very certain we can get you the most for your hail damage claim. 

This is what you need to know before making an insurance claim for your home or business. If you don’t have any This is the type of damage we look for on a roof inspection for an insurance claim damages on your property, your claim might give you a bad record with your insurance. Set a free inspection with a contractor to assure you that indeed you have damages on your roof and property. The best way to include the great majority of the damages in to the insurance estimate, is to have your contractor meet with the adjuster so that both can asses the damages at the same time. 

An Insurance claim is a process; a process that, in some cases, if you don’t know what the process is or how it gets done. You, the homeowner or business owner can be leaving money on the table needed to better your roof and property.

Now, we focus the majority of the process time into investigating what the city codes are calling for, like roof insulation, decking and ice shield. That way we can make sure your insurance pays for it. We always follow the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC). The primary model for residential and commercial building code adopted by states and municipalities across the country.

In many cases insurance will pay you only the basic prices without including any extras, like; city roofing permit, code upgrades, and other miscellaneous items that for some reason they seem to overlook. Insurances are responsible to pay you every penny to restore your property the same way or better than it was before the hail storm damage.

Hailstorm Insurance roof claim in Denver, roofing contractorRoof damaged in Denver areas, roofing contractor

You might think, “How is it possible that a contractor can be charging more than what the insurance pays for?” Here is the catch. We use the same prices that the insurance companies use. The differences are that we, as contractors, know what processes or items were not included into their estimate. We can go back to supplement (ask for more money) by demonstrating to the field adjuster or desk adjuster that some Items or processes were not included in the original estimate. This can only be done by an insurance specialist that knows how to use the Digital Insurance estimator program (Xactimate).

We have worked in with many insurances like Allstate, State farm, Nationwide, USAA, Travelers, Liberty Mutual, Farmers and American Family. Knowing what it takes for a smooth insurance process is priceless and that is exactly what Oh My Roof will provide for your claim.

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