Roofing systems are build to prevent roof leaks, provide property aesthetics, value to your home and ensures that your roof lasts as long as possible. Specially here in Denver and our surroundings. With superior warranties, and excellent workmanship;

Denver Roofing Contractor Oh My Roof is proud to provide a great variety of brands and products with options for every customer to serve you best. When it comes to roofing we are the safest choice! Here you have the types of residential roofing products that we provide.

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Three tab shingles are half of the thickness of traditional architectural shingles, made up of three individual 12” wide tabs and come with warranties either 20yr or 25yr. As well as Architectural shingles, Three Tab shingles are asphalt based products work by shedding water to the shingle below.

Denver roofing contractor OMR. Provides basic three-tab asphalt shingles as a solid performance, at a budget-friendly price point with a big variety of colors


Architectural shingles, Residential Denver roofing Contractor 

Architectural shingles where designed to look more aesthetically appealing while also being made out of asphalt, these shingles are what Denver roofing contractor OMR uses the most. Many feel that architectural shingles (also known as laminate or dimensional shingles) resemble the look of wood shake.

Some laminated shingles employ different shades, tones and even contrasting colors to create an even more distinctive, yet natural appearance. Architectural shingles is what an upgraded shingle looks like after compared to traditional Three Tab shingles. 

Unlike the old style three tab designs, architectural shingles do not have tabs therefore seal on to a roof better. In a heavy storm these shingles are less likely to lift up, due to the stronger seal. This is an important feature to understand considering the storms we get in Denver! Since architectural shingles are heavier than the three tab they are able to withstand higher speed winds.


Shake look shingles, Residential Denver Roofing Contractor  

Shake look shingles are luxury shingles created to replicate cedar shake look, It Provides a great performance combining fiberglass, asphalt and strong seals. Shake shingles deliver the charm and character of hand-split wood shakes. With the durability and strength that presides over wood in virtually every surrounding. Detailed, intricate design work went into this tab designed for a truly distinct sculpted, dimensional appearance.

Denver roofing contractor Oh My Roof also provides these shingles on hail resistant 


DaVinci Polymer Slate and Shake look, Residential Denver Roofing Contractor  

DaVinci Polymer Slate and Shake look comes from a complete line of synthetic slate roofing materials. Incredibly durable and natural in appearance. An economical choice at approximately one-half the installed cost of natural slate shingles. DaVinci Slate is also lightweight, freeze/thaw resistant, Class A fire rated (with standard underlayment), also this product is virtually maintenance  free.

DaVinci puts quality into the entire line of synthetic roofing tiles. Their composite slate shingles are carefully engineered to provide the authentic look and durability of natural slate roofs. For those who desire the natural appearance of hand-split shake shingles or machine-sawn shak. Composite shake shingles are reminiscent of the texture of natural cedar.

Plus they comes with a Lifetime Limited Material Warranty.


Standing-seam metal, Residential Denver Roofing Contractor 

Standing-seam metal roofs are usually made of Galvalume-coated steel, aluminum, copper and other various metals. Standing seam metal is installed by running continuous metal panels down the roof length,  panels are 12″ to 19″ wide overlaps the other concealing the seam fasteners with a standing seam which runs continuously from the top of the roof to the edge.

This standing seam can vary in height, typically 1” to 2-1/2”. Held in place panels with concealed clips allowing the panel to float or move back and forth.


Concrete roof tiles, Residential Denver Roofing Contractor  

Concrete roof tiles, a modern roofing material made from modified bitumen, water, cement and sand. There are different specifications of concrete roof tiles.This type of roofing material has wide color range. Colors of concrete tiles are determined by special colorants that are added to the concrete mass. Colorants are resistant to sunlight and do not affect on the strength of tiles.


Decra Stone Coated Steal, Residential Denver Roofing Contractor 

Decra Stone Coated Steal is a durable, long lasting recyclable product. Light weight roofing product with eight (8) layers of protection. Panels are aluminum-zinc coated, 26 gauge steel, covered with ceramic coated stone granules and finally sealed with an exclusive polymer.

All DECRA products feature a Class A fire rating, have a transferable 50-year limited warranty, a 120 mph wind-uplift warranty and a Class 4 UL 2218 hail impact resistance rating. Styles are the look of shingle, tile, slate or wood shake.

Stone Coated Steel roofing tiles offer the best of all worlds in metal roofing options, delivering the strength and longevity of metal roofing, and the beauty and style of various profiles from wood shake and Spanish tile, to architectural shingles and beyond. Panels have a unique interlocking design, that withstand high winds and add shear strength.

 These are the many different types of roofs, that Denver roofing contractor OMR can bring you in residential roofing. In many cases we can change the look, style, and quality of your roof by offering you a great variety of different roofing products. Once you contact us, we can assess your property and by you telling us what you like then we will check with your HOA for approval to offer you the best product to fit your needs. 


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