Commercial Roofing Denver Flat Roofing

Denver flat roofing, the terminology of Commercial Flat roof or flat roofing comes from; big buildings, some houses or small commercial location that their roofs look flat. Even do the roof might look complete level is not, it still has a low pitch build in to it. Every Denver flat roof has a low pitch and a drain system that deviates rain water to its target location.


Commercial Denver flat roofing has changed. The era of ballasted roofing systems and tar and gravel, is gone. Now we use single ply’s, ether mechanical systems (screw down material), fully adhered systems (Glue from deck to the single membrane) or a hybrid system (screws up to the base board and glue single ply). These systems are the top of the line when it comes to modern flat roofing systems including their warranties.

These systems can be install with EPDM, PVC, TPO, Durolast and Fibertite. Material seams and penetrations on EPDM are sealed with seam tape (glue base)Commercial flat roof, Denver flat roofing, Commercial flat roofing, Denver flat roof. Material seams and penetrations on PVC, TPO, Durolast and Fibertite are sealed by high heat, melting and infusing materials together. This bond is the best between the two of them.Denver flat roof, Commercial flat roofing, Denver flat roofing, Commercial flat roof



Products of this caliber have price variation to fit most budgets and gives you the best for the price. If you are looking to improve your commercial roofing system and have daubs on what material to use for your property. Let us know so that we can come and inspect your roof and tell you what we think it will be the best for your building and if you have a budget please let us know so that we can work of your project accordingly.

We recommend that if you have or manage a restaurant and need to replace the roof, a PVC single ply would be your best bet since PVC is one of the strongest to resist grease from restaurant kitchens.


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